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Sir Robert and Lady Buxton and their daughter Anne c.1786

Sir Robert and Lady Buxton and their daughter Anne c.1786
 by Henry Walton 1746-1813
Norfolk Museums Service
(Norwich Castle Museum)




Fine Art Consultancy



Research on 18th and early 19th century French and English works of art

She will research French and English paintings, drawings, engravings and sculptures of the above period through access to major archives, English and French. She will write an informed report on the artwork concerned and will give an approximate date and valuation.


Detailed and fully illustrated artwork inventories

She will prepare an inventory of your collection whether for selling, for insurance purposes or more simply for an evaluation of the collection. If an object has not been photographed, new photography may be requested at an additional cost.



She will translate texts relating to art history of the above period up to the current period. As an art historian, she has a working knowledge of English and French. She will provide translations of primary and secondary source research material and will translate conference proceedings as well as scholarly literature. She will translate books, journal articles, catalogues for museums and gallery exhibitions, as well as letters by artists.



The fees for research and cataloging are based on a daily rate, plus expenses. These fees are not based on the value of the art being appraised.

Quotation for translation is free and is carried out on submission of text to translate.

All work is confidential.

Email: evelynecbell@gmail.com